$ 311 million for navy building in Hawaii might be diverted for the border wall

The House Appropriations Committee has identified $ 311.3 million in military construction projects in Hawaii that it says are “vulnerable” to being rerouted by the Trump administration to help build a southern border wall under the Statement from the president to help on a national emergency.

The projects include:

>> US $ 105 million for the ongoing construction of a command and control facility for the US Army Pacific in Fort Shafter.

>> US $ 17 million in Hickam for an F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft facility.

>> US $ 45 million in Pearl Harbor for a waterfront dry dock.

>> US $ 66.1 million in the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps base for a corrosion protection hangar.

>> $ 78.32 million for a water transmission line in Pearl City.

The grants committee said it had compiled a global list of military construction projects for which funds have been allocated but not yet committed, “and which are therefore susceptible to being diverted to the border wall under the national declaration of emergency”.

The Trump administration said $ 3.6 billion in military construction project funding would be diverted to an $ 8 billion plan to build more than 234 miles of steel bollard boundary wall.

“I don’t think the current situation on our southern border warrants a declaration of national emergency. This issue is rightly being dealt with in court and in Congress, “said US Representative Ed Case, a Hawaii Democrat, in a statement. “Even if it was warranted, I don’t believe the president has any authority to divert funds to certain military construction or other projects specifically approved and funded by Congress for those purposes to pay for his southern border plans.”

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