A younger couple is crusing throughout the Pacific to attend faculty in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – While most transplants get to Hawaii from the mainland by air, one young couple had a very different idea – to sail across the ocean.

Isabella Siegrist and Ty Savage docked at Ala Wai Boat Harbor on Saturday morning after sailing across the Pacific.

The 19-year-old disembarked three weeks ago in San Diego and will be going to school at the University of Hawaii in Manoa next semester.

Siegrist lived on Oahu for a while and sailed around Hickam Harbor as a child.

But this trip was unlike any she or Savage had ever taken.

“It was kind of unreal when we got there and actually saw the mountains, it was very unreal, especially after being outside for so long,” said Savage.

Though the couple navigated the Pacific on their own, they surprisingly said their biggest challenge was getting over boredom.

“I would say the biggest challenge would be boredom, just finding things,” said Siegrist. “We’d limit ourselves to one movie a day and I’ll probably read through two books, which is a record time for me.”

The couple said their ship – the Drifty One – was put together through various online purchases.

Though they said they weren’t planning long trips in the future, the two teenagers said they definitely have a unique story to tell during the freshman icebreakers at UH this fall.

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