Additional “10 Hawaiian Locations You Have not Been To”: Polihua Seashore, Lanai

In the May / June 2011 issue of HAWAII magazine we lead readers in words and pictures to a handful of Hawaii’s natural wonders that they have probably not yet been able to see up close.

Hawaii is rich in unparalleled scenic beauty that there are dozens of breathtaking locations on the islands that even longtime residents have never experienced firsthand. The 10 Hawaii Places You Haven to Yet cover feature is all about our favorite off-the-beaten-path locations that we believe everyone should see in their lives (but probably not yet).

The only green sand beach in the US? It’s on our list. The wind-swept Molokai peninsula can only be reached by plane, on foot or by donkey? Got that on our list too. Hawaii’s only freshwater alpine lake?

The latest issue of HAWAII magazine has our entire list of “10 Hawaiian Places You Haven’t Been To,” complete with descriptions of each, photos, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, information about each location. You can find copies nationwide in bookshops and kiosks … now. You can also subscribe to the print edition of HAWAII magazine by clicking here.

For the whole month, exclusively on, we’ll be sharing two more Hawaii locations that just missed the cut for our last list of “10 Hawaii Places You Haven’t Goed To”. Below is the first of those extras: a secluded white sand beach on Lanai Island.

Polihua Beach

Polihua is the kind of beach dweller who yearns for Hawaii that dreams of – a mile and a half of powder-white sand under clear azure skies, often completely deserted.

Sure, the only downside to Polihua is a big one: the beach is unsafe for swimming and all marine activities due to strong offshore currents and a steep drop into the open sea just off the sandy shore. Still, the longest white-sand beach on the tiny, exquisitely laid-back island of Lanai is well worth a visit for its rugged seclusion, breathtaking beauty, and undisturbed tranquility.

An added bonus? Magnificent views of neighboring Molokai, nine miles away, across the Kalohi Canal.

Bring a book, skin protection, a folding chair and a rental jeep and you’re good to go.

Why You Haven’t Been There: Even regular Lanai goers (and many residents) shudder at the thought of riding the seriously bumpy Polihua Trail down to the beach. Did we mention that even all-wheel drive vehicles have a hard time on the trail?

How to get there: Take the Kanepuu Highway (actually a jeep trail) to the junction of the Polihua Trail and drive slowly (there is actually no other way) down the steep, rocky, dirt road.

Check out the video below: A 360 degree view of Polihua Beach from our last visit.

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