Ageing Effectively: Ptosis or Slack Eyes Can Impair Your Imaginative and prescient – Information, Sports activities, & Climate in Honolulu, Hawaii

The eyelid lift is an outpatient procedure that heals in about three months. Napiewocki, 50, got it after realizing she couldn’t see well while driving. “I look in the mirror first, but I really have to see that way,” as she turns her head to the left to demonstrate. “Then I realized that my eyelid was bothering me on this side.”

These are Napiewocki’s before and after the recordings. And on this computer the medical assessment of how far her field of vision has been restored. The line at the top shows where the eyelid was here. You can see how much it was raised in the follow-up. Dr. Higa says she has 100% of her field of view again.

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