AMD FirePro W9100 Introduced: Working in Hawaii.

The AMD FirePro W9100 has been announced, bringing the Hawaii architecture to non-gaming markets. It was first introduced in the Radeon R9 graphics card series and has space for 5 TeraFLOPs with single precision (32 bit) and 2 TeraFLOPs with double precision (64 bit). The card also has 16GB of GDDR5 memory to support this. According to the raw numbers, this is slightly more capacity than the Titan Black or Quadro K6000 in all categories. It also supports six 4K monitors (or three at 60 Hz) per card. AMD supports up to four W9100 cards in a single system.

Professional users can look for several things on their graphics cards: processing power (either directly or through licensed software like Photoshop, Premiere, Blender, Maya, etc.), multiple high resolution monitors (or digital signage units), and / or lots of graphics power. The W9100 is basically the top of the stack that covers all three of these needs.

AMD also announced a system branding initiative called “AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation”. They currently have five launch partners, Supermicro, Boxx, Tarox, Silverdraft and Versatile Distribution Services, for which workstations will be available as part of this program. The list of components for a “Recommend” certification is: two 2.6 GHz CPUs with eight cores, 32 GB RAM, four PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, a 1500 W Platinum power supply and a chassis with nine expansion slots (for four W9100 GPUs together with an SSD or SDI interface card).


While the company discussed OpenCL at length in its slide deck, it didn’t mention any specific versions. So I assume that the FirePro W9100, like the R9 series, supports OpenCL 1.2 and not OpenCL 2.0, which was ratified back in November. This is still a higher compliance level than NVIDIA with OpenCL 1.1.

No word about prices or availability at the moment.

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