AMD will rename Hawaii-based playing cards to the Radeon R9 300 collection, out there quickly

According to, we should expect renamed AMD Radeon R9 200 series cards based on the Hawaii architecture to appear next month with a panel as the Radeon R9 300 series.

While the HBM-based Radeon R9 390X will come in two flavors: 4 GB and 8 GB (and maybe one model with GDDR5 and another with HBM), there will be other Radeon R9 300 series cards that will appear on the Hawaii Architecture based. These should arrive as the Radeon R9 385 and R9 380 – but these specifics could change. But these new cards offer slightly higher core clocks and a nice jump in memory speeds.

The Radeon R9 290X has a core clock of 1 GHz, but the new R9 300 series rebrand will have 2816 stream processors while the core is set to 1050 MHz, a jump of 50 MHz. The memory clock, however, jumps from the 1250 MHz of the R9 290X to 1500 MHz of the new cards, according to This gives this particular card, which is based on the Hawaii XT GPU, a memory bandwidth of around 384 GB / s, compared to 320 GB on the R9 290X.

The second rebranding will use the Hawaii PRO architecture, which defines the Radeon R9 290 and makes it powerful. The new Radeon R9 3xx card will have 2560 stream processors, along with the standard core clocks of 947 MHz, which will be pumped up to 1010 MHz on the new card. The memory clock also jumps from 1250 MHz to 1500 MHz and offers the same memory bandwidth of 384 GB / s via the 512-bit memory bus.

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