Hawaii-based Kamalani Dung makes use of social media to assist faculty athletes navigate the brand new NCAA guidelines

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The NCAA’s milestone rule change opened the floodgates for college athletes to benefit from their names, pictures, and looks. Now a Kamehameha graduate wants to help these athletes build their brand.

Kamalani Dung has had a stellar career on the softball field and while her time on the diamond is not over, the former warrior becomes a brand ambassador to help other athletes navigate the world of personal branding.

“I’ll be using my platform and my voice to help people,” Dung told Hawaii News Now sports reporter Kyle Chinen. “Because it’s definitely life-changing things if you do it right.”

A graduate of Kamehameha Schools in 2016, Dung played collegiality at Fresno State and Cal before joining the Puerto Rican National Team and Pros for Athletes Unlimited.

Linking a large social media following with her background in business, Dung says she will now seek to help college athletes navigate this new frontier and hopefully avoid costly mistakes.

“When it comes to athletes looking for offers, it definitely becomes agony.” Dung said, “So I know a lot of people think they’d wake up to their hundred thousand dollar deal on July 1st, but I mean , that’s just not the reality. “

The 24-year-old highlighted the importance of having a social media presence with apps like Twitter and Tik Tok, which are becoming key tools for personal branding that can attract companies that match athletes’ interests.

“Market yourself, stay true to yourself and find brands that match what you’re looking for and what they’re looking for, and then move on,” said Crap. “There you will find your bread and butter.”

If you have any questions, says Dung, you can head over to her social media channels @KAMADUNG or fill out an athlete contact form.

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