Hawaii Chamber of Commerce: Hawaii Information Now: Jobless Candidates Should Affirm They Are Trying For Work

May 21, 2021

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – Starting May 29, jobless applicants will be required to confirm they are looking for work – a requirement put on hold during the pandemic.

Governor David Ige said the requirement will be reintroduced as the public health crisis eased.

Around 106,000 applicants are required to confirm that they are looking for work in order to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

The change comes when the unemployment rate in Hawaii is 8.5%.

Nationwide, the unemployment rate is 6.1%.

The state is bringing the demand back in a national talk about a labor shortage – a seeming paradox with so many unemployed people, reflecting everything from lack of childcare to concerns about COVID protection in the workplace to wages in entry-level jobs.

Some have claimed that the $ 300 unemployment benefit, on top of the state’s unemployment rate, is keeping people from returning to work.

And a number of states have actually suspended this payout. But the governor said Thursday he had no plans to do so.

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