Hawaii County has probably the most Whites and Hawaiians, and the least Asians

According to the US Census Bureau, Asians make up more than half of Hawaii’s population.

According to the bureau’s latest estimates, as of July 1, 2012, 56.9% of the state’s population was made up of at least part of Asian ethnicity.

This makes Hawaii the state with by far the highest concentration of Asians, followed by California with 15.8%.

Asians are also the fastest growing ethnic group in the US, the Census Bureau said. Between July 2011 and July 2012, their population grew by 530,000, or 2.9%, to a total of 18.9 million.

More than 60% of this growth came from international migration.


The state with the fastest growing Asian population – in percentage terms – was South Dakota.


Among Hawaii’s counties, Honolulu had the highest proportion of the Asian population at 60.9%, either alone or in combination with other races. Kauai County was second at 51.4%, followed by Maui County at 47.7% and Hawaii County at 45.7%.

When it came to Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, either alone or in combination, that order was reversed. The Big Island had the highest percentage of the state at 34.3%, followed by Maui County at 27.5%, Kauai County at 25.8%, and Honolulu County at 24.4%

Non-Hispanic whites also made up the highest percentage of the population in Hawaii County at 56.2%, followed by Maui County at 52.3%, Kauai County at 51.3%, and Honolulu County at 38.3%.


Whites made up the second highest percentage of the state’s population at 43.0%, making Hawaii the lowest percentage of the country’s white population. Washington DC took second place with 44.8%.

When it came to age, 15.1% of the Hawaiian population was 65 years or older, placing it ninth in the nation in that category.

And that part of the population is growing rapidly. For the period ending July 1, 2012, the number of people over 65 increased 4.1%, more than four times the overall growth rate of the state.

The proportion of the state’s residents who were 85 years of age and older was 2.5% in mid-2012. Only four states had a higher percentage.

Kauai County had the highest median age at 41.8 years, closely followed by Hawaii County at 41.3 years. The median age in Maui County was 40.2 years, while Honolulu had the youngest at 37.3 years.

The national median age in July 2012 was 38.3 years.

The Hawaii numbers were obtained by the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism from data from the Census Bureau. The total number can be more than 100% due to breed combinations.

The Census Bureau said the numbers are estimates based on the 2010 census, key statistics, administrative records, federal tax returns, and the results of the American Community Survey.

*** Updated to correct median age for Hawaii County. ***

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