Hawaii Information Now Receives Video Of Police Capturing Of Youngsters

HONOLULU – A Honolulu police officer was right behind a car when he fired 10 shots in the back of the driver’s seat in a gunfight last month that killed a teenage boy whom authorities claim is a suspect in a series of Violent crime has been received from Hawaii News Now.

After the April 5 shooting, Chief Susan Ballard told reporters that police believe the Honda rammed two tagged police cars during a chase. But that is not evident from the footage that Hawaii News Now aired.

The officer who carried the camera was a passenger in a patrol car and shouted, “Stop the vehicle,” several times during the chase. Police sirens boomed in the background.

Honolulu Police have refused to release body camera footage due to other minors in the car. The footage received from the Honolulu news channel does not show any faces that did not state how the video was captured.

16-year-old Iremamber Sykap drove the stolen Honda, which was linked to burglary, wallet theft, car theft and armed robbery, and led officers on the hunt, police said.

When the Honda stopped, an officer got out of a patrol car and appeared to have dropped his rifle on the ground before picking it up and putting it back in the car, Hawaii News Now reported.

Then he stepped behind the Honda as other officers shouted, “Get on the ground” and “Police”. The officer was right behind the Honda when it fired 10 shots into the back of the driver’s seat and the Honda accelerated.

The video shows another officer approaching the Honda from the passenger side when the first officer fires. The second officer jumped back with his gun drawn, then fell next to the moving Honda and fired several times as he lifted off. The car then crashed through a fence into a canal.

Retired federal agent Tommy Aiu told Hawaii News that well, even if the Honda didn’t move, there was still a threat to the officers.

“I believe the imminent threat is most likely because it is only from a serious crime that involves a home invasion. An armed invasion at home and now we’re pursuing them, ”said Aiu. “Even though the vehicle stopped, the engine ran.”

Honolulu prosecutors are investigating the shooting, along with one on April 14, in which a 29-year-old man from South Africa was killed.

If the investigation concludes that a shooting was warranted, prosecutor Steve Alm said he would publish evidence of the case, including footage from body cameras, “with adequate editorial staff to protect the privacy of those involved.”

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