Hawaii Island Well being Middle with as much as $ 100 value of reward certificates as an incentive to get a COVID vaccination

The Bay Clinic in Hilo is now offering a new incentive for Hawaiian islanders to receive the COVID-19 vaccine – up to $ 100 in gift cards.

Those who get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine get $ 50 per shot in gift cards, while those who get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine with one dose get $ 100 in gift cards, according to Kimo Alameda, CEO the Bay Clinic.

The deals didn’t start until Tuesday and seem to be working so far, he said. Phones rang off the hook, and COVID-19 vaccine appointments were scheduled until next week.

“Bay Clinic has promoted the vaccine in different ways,” said Alameda. “We did public relations, we did bento lunches and cultural entertainment. We went to the Hawaiian homesteads and we went to Miloloii. We went through the list of what would work next, and now we have reached a critical point where more is needed than just information or the health benefits of a vaccination. “

Alameda said instead of offering cash, Bay Clinic chose to offer gift cards that support local businesses like KTA Superstores, Kawamato Store, and Cronies Bar & Grill. There are also gift cards for gas and national chains like Safeway.

Most gift cards are for groceries to help tackle food insecurity while helping businesses, according to Alameda.

“So we think it’s a win-win situation,” he said.

Bay Clinic is a federally accredited health center with nine locations and a mobile unit for eastern Hawaii, including Hilo, Keaau, Pahoa and Kau.

Alameda said the Bay Clinic is targeting a third of the population who are either hesitant or on the fence but are not against the COVID-19 vaccines.

Parts of the island of Hawaii, including Pahoa and Mountain View, have a completed vaccination rate of 35% or less, according to the Hawaii Depatment of Health, which is tracking progress by zip code.

To schedule a vaccination appointment at the Bay Clinic, call 965-3047.

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