Hawaii Lt. Gov. says unvaccinated individuals could cause a lockdown

HONOLULU (AP) – Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green, who works as an ambulance on Hawaii’s Big Island, says a minority of unvaccinated people are pushing the state for another lockdown.

“I say at this rate we are two to four weeks away from seeing any major adjustments in what we can do,” said Green.

“It is a small minority that otherwise condemns society to a lockdown and potentially large-scale death,” added Green. “Nobody wants to close shops, nobody wants to impose curfews, nobody wants to restrict regular life or schools – but we have to keep people alive.”

Green said all of the intensive care beds at Hilo Hospital are full – more than half with COVID-19 patients – and as of Sunday 58 of the 68 intensive care units at Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu are full, Hawaii News Now reported.

According to Green, a total of 300 people with COVID-19 were hospitalized, of whom at least 270 were unvaccinated.

At the weekend, a protester showed up in front of Green’s apartment.

“I will probably take care of them with my colleagues in the hospital because they become infected with COVID,” said Green. “(D) these individuals doom everyone in society to a much greater lockdown.”

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