Hawaii Pacific Well being Provides Immunocompromised Third Dose of COVID Vaccine

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Ever since the CDC gave the go-ahead Friday to offer a third dose to immunocompromised individuals, Hawaii Pacific Health says voter turnout has been high in their mobile clinics.

The third dose of vaccine was approved on Friday for people who are particularly susceptible to severe COVID illness.

Carl Hinson, director of human resource development at Hawaii Pacific Health, said they were surprised by the approval announcement on Friday.

But were ready to step up operations quickly as hundreds went to their pop clinics at Kapolei and Kalani High Schools for either the first, second, or third dose.

“When we got the news on Friday, we saw the number of walk-ins in Kapolei on Friday, we actually added more staff pretty quickly that morning and made sure we got at least 1,000 vaccinations in Kalani yesterday,” said Hinson . “And we’re ready to do 1000 units a day so there is plenty of vaccine for all three.”

At her mobile clinic in Waipahu, Hinson said on Sunday that they had doubled the number of people vaccinated.

“About 200 of the 700 or 800 that we think we will take the third dose today for the immunocompromised,” said Hinson.

The CDC recommends the third dose of vaccine for immunocompromised people, including those currently receiving cancer treatment, who have had an organ transplant or stem cell transplant.

The people who fell under this category did not hesitate to come out for their third shot.

“I’m going to visit my four-year-old twin grandchildren in San Diego,” said Mary Fiedler of Honolulu. “And that’s why I want you to be protected just as much as I am.”

“I have a five-year-old who cannot be vaccinated and because he is not eligible, I protect him by getting our third vaccination,” said Nora Nikaido. Hawaii

Pacific Health will be offering pop-up vaccine clinics at several schools this week.

You will be offering the first, second, and third dose.

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