Hawaii posts 19th coronavirus-related loss of life because the state sees 29 new infections

An elderly Oahu woman hospitalized with multiple underlying health issues is Hawaii’s 19th coronavirus-related death today, according to health officials.

“Every COVID-19 death is an emotional reminder of the need for all of us to be vigilant and wear face-covering when we are outside of our homes, physically distancing ourselves from others, and washing our hands frequently,” said Governor David Ige in a press release announcing death. “It’s about protecting each other and allowing the state to reopen safely. We are all involved in this and now is the most critical time to wear a mask. “

Health Director Bruce Anderson said, “As the state continues to open stores and rebuild the economy, controlling the spread of COVID-19 will be key to moving forward. To control the spread of the virus, everyone must wear face covering when out and about, avoiding crowded places, closed spaces, and close contact with people outside their home. “

Of the state’s 19 coronavirus deaths, 13 were in Oahu and six were in Maui.

The Ministry of Health today reported an additional 29 new positive cases, bringing the state’s total number of infections since the outbreak began in late February to 975. There have been 25 new cases on Oahu, two in Maui, one on the island of Hawaii, and one case of a Hawaiian resident diagnosed outside of the state.

“At least five cases represent three new events and possible clusters. Cases on Oahu come from different areas including Honolulu, Kailua, Mililani, Pearl City, Wahiawa, Waialua, Waianae, Kaneohe, Waimanalo and Waipahu, ”a press release said at noon.

To date, there are 202 active cases in Hawaii, with a total of 754 patients classified as “released from isolation” by health officials. Eight new spill cases on Oahu were reported today. The category counts those infected people who have met the criteria for release from isolation.

Approximately 77% of infected Hawaiian people are now classified as being released from isolation.

Today’s statewide coronavirus cases total 701 cases in Oahu, 127 cases in Maui county, 91 cases in Hawaii and 38 cases in Kauai county, according to health officials. The total also includes 18 Hawaiian residents diagnosed outside of the state.

Of all confirmed Hawaiian cases since the outbreak began, 118 had to be hospitalized. Two new hospital stays on Oahu were reported today, health officials said.

A hospitalization in the statewide census is a Hawaiian resident diagnosed and treated outside of the state. Of the 117 hospital stays in the state, 88 were in Oahu, 25 in Maui, three in Hawaii, and one in Kauai.

In Honolulu, 533 patients were released and in Maui, 115 patients were released. Kauai has 17 active infections while the Big Island has five.

Of the more than 83,476 coronavirus tests performed by state and clinical laboratories in Hawaii to date, nearly 1.2% were positive. Health officials counted 1,858 new test results on today’s balance sheet.

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