Hawaii Reaches One Million Milestone In Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

Hawaii has reached a milestone in the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in the state – more than 1 million doses have been administered to date.

A total of 1,007,966 vaccines have been administered to date. This is based on preliminary figures released on the Hawaiian Department of Health’s COVID-19 data page. That reflects reports of doses reported to date, which rose 16,000 as of Wednesday.

“Congratulations Hawaii,” said DOH Director Dr. Elizabeth Char in a statement. “Together we reached the milestone of one million rounds. Let’s keep the momentum going. “

The number includes vaccines administered through the DOH as well as federal programs.

According to DOH spokesman Brooks Baehr, the milestone is four months after the first vaccination on December 14th at Queen’s Medical Center.

Nationwide, 33% of residents initiated the vaccination process or received at least one dose, without any information from the federal government.

By county, Kauai leads the way with at least 42% of residents receiving at least one dose, followed by Maui and Hawaii Counties with 35% and Honolulu Counties with 31%.

The milestone is for the US to pause the use of Johnson & Johnson vaccines until the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration review data on six blood clots, including one fatality .

Dr. Char said in a previous interview that the “J&J factor” would mean a minor setback for Hawaii, but that it would not affect the state much.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine only takes one dose, while Pfizer and Moderna are given as two doses.

The DOH on Monday granted residents aged 50 and over on Oahu the right to use the vaccine. Next Monday, residents aged 16 and over can fulfill the vaccination mandate in order to fulfill the presidential mandate.

Eligibility is open to residents aged 16 and over in the counties of Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.

Many local pharmacies, including CVS’s Longs Drugs, Safeway, and Walgreens, are now offering appointments for COVID-19 vaccines.

To register for COVID-19 vaccinations, visit 808ne.ws/hawaiivaccines.

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