HAWAII VIRUS TRACKER – February 17: 29 new COVID-19 circumstances and 1 dying

Hawaii health officials reported 29 new COVID-19 infections and the death of one person nationwide on Oahu on Wednesday.

State health officials reported just 17 cases on Tuesday – the lowest number of daily cases since late July – but said later in the day that the number was under counted due to a laboratory reporting error. It was unclear whether the cases were also artificially low on Wednesday.

The electronic lab reporting system was disrupted some time after Sunday, officials said, but did not disclose how long or what caused the system failure.

The state “expects a” rebound “effect of increased case numbers in the next few days if the feeds are restored,” wrote a spokesman.

Cases reported on Wednesday included one in Hawaii, nine in Maui, 16 in Oahu and three residents diagnosed with a state.

Clinics and pharmacies have administered more than 268,428 doses of COVID-19 vaccine since December. About 10% of the state’s total population have received at least the first of two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Hawaii remains in Phase 1b of its vaccine rollout plan, which includes seniors 75 and older, first responders, and other key workers. Phase three of Hawaii’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan is scheduled to start in March. This phase 1c includes people aged 65 and over, as well as other key workers and people with underlying health conditions.

There are currently 38 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Hawaii, including 14 in intensive care and nine on ventilators. During the last infection summit in September, up to 50 people needed ventilators.

Nationwide, it has been confirmed that 1% of people tested in the past week have COVID-19. That number is 2.0% on Maui and 1.2% on Oahu. In Hawaii and Kauai Counties, less than 1% of patients tested positive for COVID in the past week.

The current convention restrictions on Oahu will remain in place for at least an additional month.

For more information, please visit this Hawaii Department of Health or State COVID-19 website, as well as the Hawaii Data Collaborative COVID-19 tracking website. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency also offers this comprehensive dashboard. You can also find out more about our daily COVID-19 tracker here.

Covid-19 cases


Tests carried out

Daily number of cases

Test positivity

Source: Honolulu City and County
* Current case numbers and the positivity rate of the tests may not correlate with the metrics set for a particular stage, as the county must spend at least four consecutive weeks on a stage and meet the metrics for the next stage before proceeding according to the reopening plan. For more information on the Honolulu City and County reopening strategy and details of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 restrictions, please visit oneoahu.org

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