Hawaii’s first rage dream gives free classes to most cancers sufferers

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Hawaii’s first anger dream gives cancer patients a space to fight cancer, in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October.

A “rage room” is a place where people can go and break things.

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“People are angry. People are frustrated, but people just want to have fun and do something different, ”said Cody Jarrett, co-founder of Break’N Anger.

However, the owners of Break’N Anger in Honolulu want to do more for the community than just provide a fun activity for the people to enjoy. That’s why the company is offering free sessions for cancer patients as part of its Smash Cancer program.

Clare Hanusz recently had an angry dream for herself. Hanusz from Hawaii Kai was diagnosed with breast cancer at Christmas 2020.

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“I broke the wine glass to represent the alcohol I shouldn’t have. It felt really, really good. “

said Clare Hanusz during her Smash Cancer session

Hanusz said the relief she felt at Break’N Anger was badly needed, especially after last year. The lawyer and mother of two children has undergone five months of chemotherapy, a blood transfusion, and a double mastectomy and is now receiving radiation.

“I’ve lost about 25 pounds … The food just tasted bad,” Hanusz said of the chemotherapy. “Even worse than the hair on my head was losing every lash and all of my eyebrows. Because you look sick. It looks like something is wrong with you. “

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One of the owners of Break’N Anger said she understands exactly what Clare Hanusz is going through because she had the same experience not long ago.

Carolina Palotti, one of the co-founders of Break’N Anger, spent the summer of 2021 battling a blood cancer.

“It’s been four months of chemotherapy and luckily my body responded really well and now I’m in full remission,” said Palotti.

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As a result of Palotti’s journey against cancer, the owners of Break’N Anger wanted to create a free space for those currently struggling to give cancer the blow it deserves.

“I can’t solve the problem, but I can give them a little space to have fun,” said Palotti of the creation of her “Smash Cancer” program.

Rage Room attendees are encouraged to write on items they want to cross out of their lives. Hanusz wrote “I hate cancer” and “Chemo” on several tiles.

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“I’m angry that it’s a disease that changed my life, that changed my mother’s life,” said Hanusz.

Despite her anger at cancer, Clare Hanusz continues to prevail and has a message for others who are going through the same thing:

“If you have to lose a part of your body – like I lost both of my breasts – you are more than that part of your body and you can face the world strong and proud.”

Clare Hanusz

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To book a Rage Room at Break’N Anger in Honolulu, Click here.

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