Hawaii’s Island Manapua manufacturing facility needed to shut down after receiving a pink signal for meals security violations

Posted: Aug 12, 2020 / 11:56 AM HSTUpdated: Aug 12, 2020 / 7:23 pm HST

HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Food Safety Division of the Hawaiian Department of Health (DOH) ordered the immediate closure of Regal Foods Inc., dba Island Manapua’s factory in Manoa Marketplace, after multiple food disease risk factors were discovered on Aug. 10.

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A red placard and notice of violation were issued to the restaurant along with a $ 4,000 ($ 1,000 per violation) fine for the following recurring food safety violations that first occurred on July 17.

Food safety violations included:

  1. Cooked foods were not kept at or above 135 ° F on a steam table as required
  2. Cooked foods were kept at room temperature without time controls
  3. Cooked meat was in direct contact with boxes that had previously been used to store raw chicken and pork
  4. There is no hot water available for washing the goods at the three-compartment sink.

A follow-up examination on August 10th revealed that no corrective action had been taken. The inspection showed:

  1. Cooked food is not stored at or above 135 ° F on the steam table as required. and
  2. Cooked foods are stored at room temperature without time controls

Island Manapua Factory can get a green sign and reopen after requesting a re-inspection and resolving any violations. The company has 20 days to request a hearing to challenge the fine.

DOH said the food company has a history of inconsistent compliance regulations and records of violations of risk factors for food-borne diseases.

“This pattern indicates that the respondent understands the listed violations and is able to correct them, but is unwilling or unable to maintain active management control to maintain the corrections,” said Peter Oshiro, head of the Food safety department.

Oshiro also noted that to date, no food company in Hawaii has received a red violation bill for failing to adhere to physical distancing, wearing face masks, and other mandatory guidelines set by DOH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the US Food and Drug Administration, and the US Department of Agriculture.

For more information on the department’s new restaurant poster program, please visit their website.

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