Hawaii’s Tri Bourne confirms arrival in Tokyo and exhibits the opening ceremonies

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – United States Volleyball has confirmed that Taylor Crabb, a former Punahou graduate, tested positive for COVID-19 and will sit out from the highly anticipated Tokyo Olympics.

Replacing Crabb for the beach volleyball team is another Honolulu native – Tri Bourne.

Bourne posted a video on social media describing the days leading up to his arrival in Tokyo.

Bourne said he received the bittersweet call from Jake Gibb while driving through the desert from Las Vegas back to Los Angeles.

These last few days are surreal: “I’m just trying to get the excitement of becoming an Olympian, but also to feel for Taylor and understand that this is his place,” Bourne said in an Instagram video.

Describing the news as “devastating,” Bourne explains that Crabb is like a brother to him – his usual sand partner is also Taylor’s older brother Trevor Crabb.

Since Gibb’s call, Bourne has arrived in Tokyo preparing for the long-awaited opening ceremonies.

Bourne is being made fit for the opening ceremony.(@tribourn)

While Team USA prepares for the opening ceremony, Bourne takes a selfie with the indoor volleyball player and her compatriot from Hawaii – Kawika Shoji.

Tri Bourne takes a selfie with Kawika Shoji.Tri Bourne takes a selfie with Kawika Shoji.(@tribourn)

Bourne also posted a picture showing a “shaka” that reads “Let the games begin!”

Bourne poses at the opening ceremony.Bourne poses at the opening ceremony.(@tribourn)

Bourne failed to make it to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics but was jailed in 2024 but says, “I don’t feel like I could be any more ready for this moment.”

Bourne has great respect for new partner Jake Gibb and is honored to join the team.

Watch Bourne and Gibb take on Italy on July 25 at 3:00 p.m. HST on NBC.

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