High 5 Hawaii Locations the Travelocity Roaming Gnome Ought to Go to

Do ceramic gnomes prefer poi over sticky rice? From the top of Haleakala to the white sands of Wailea? Surfing after hula?

These are likely to be one of the many questions answered today when the online travel agency Travelocity’s roaming gnome arrives for a tour of the islands in Hawaii.

Hawaii fans had been voting in an online poll since July 22nd to make our state the newest stop on the Travelocity mascot’s Summer of Possibilities promotional tour. After a week-long match-up between Hawaii and Cancun and Jamaica, Hawaii was named the victorious vacation spot for Roaming Gnome yesterday with 46 percent of the vote – 56,470 votes in total. Cancun was just in second place with 52,057 votes. Jamaica, we are told, was never really in the running.

The benefit to Hawaii of the little guy’s visit? Whatever national attention a semi-iconic corporate traveler dwarf poses next to iconic Hawaiian landmarks.

Travelocity will send its gnome – fresh from a few days roaming the tour’s last victorious location, Philadelphia, PA – around the islands for photo ops in scenic locations in Hawaii and perhaps partake in some time-honored Hawaiian activities.

Hawaii_Travelocity_Roaming_Gnome_visit_placesUpdates on the Roaming Gnome’s Hawaii voyages are posted on its highly regarded official homepage, Facebook, and Twitter pages. (Yes, the gnome is addicted to social networks.) Attending a traditional hula show is already planned for the gnome and his – no kidding – personal assistant. But fans can still leave suggestions for Hawaii photo stops on any of the gnome’s websites above.

Since HAWAII Magazine would not miss an opportunity to help a first-time traveler to Hawaii who needed guidance, we considered making some travel suggestions for the dwarfed guest as well. So here is a top 5 list of Hawaiian places and activities we’d recommend to a ceramic gnome driving across the state with a photographer in tow.

Come in!

1. A hike to the top of Diamond Head Crater on Oahu. It is believed that the little guy at the top of the crater would look remarkably taller against the backdrop of Waikiki and urban Honolulu (center photo) behind him. Suddenly a large gnome in the foreground. Suddenly small buildings in the distance.

2. A bowl of Saimin with grilled teri beef sticks at Hamura Saimin, Lihue, Kauai. A gnome has to eat … we think. So after a long day exploring the scenic beauty of Kauai, we recommend posing next to a large bowl of Hamura’s famous broth noodles and the best teri beef sticks in the state. It’s always better to eat where the locals eat.

3. Kilauea Volcano, Big Island of Hawaii. We think of photos from the Halemaumau crater viewpoint and a few snapshots right on the coast of Puna, where molten lava is still getting into the ocean. We hear gnomes dig the forces of nature.

Hawaii_Travelocity_Roaming_Gnome_visit_places4. Iao Needle, Iao Valley State Park, Maui. Juxtapose the gnome’s red pointed hat with the lush, towering natural rocky pinnacle? Genius.

5. Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Oahu. We see a picture of the gnome enjoying one of the best white sand beaches on Oahu while looking out over the offshore Mokulua Islands. Check out the gnomeless Lanikai Beach picture above and imagine the possibilities.

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