Kokua Line: Eligible PUA candidates ought to obtain $ 500 Hawaii restaurant playing cards within the mail

Q.question: As of Saturday, neither my husband nor I received a restaurant menu. I called the information line and found out that I was on the list at the correct address. What’s up with the delay? If the card isn’t here soon, I won’t have time to use it. And even if the end date is extended, I will be traveling to the mainland on vacation and will not be here to take advantage of it. I can’t get any other answers from the info line except that the correct addresses are listed for us. Can you suggest any further steps? If the card is declared lost or stolen, a new card for use will not be issued in time for the program to end. I asked.

reply: Since you confirmed your eligibility and mailing address and did not receive the card by Saturday, we assume you are eligible because you received pandemic unemployment benefits in September rather than standard Hawaii unemployment insurance. Eligible UI applicants received a Hawaii Restaurant Card back in mid-October, but eligible PUA applicants only received the prepaid debit cards last week.

If you are an eligible PUA applicant, you may receive the $ 500 card at the time of publication. Funds must be spent by December 15th.

Eligibility for cards valid in restaurants in Hawaii is limited to citizens who applied for unemployment benefits on or after March 1 due to the pandemic and who received UI or PUA in September for that month’s unemployment.

Gwen Yamamoto Lau, the program’s administrator, announced in an email Tuesday that more than 148,000 Hawaii Restaurant Cards had been sent to eligible UI and PUA applicants under the $ 75 million government stimulus initiative. “Eligible PUA applicants started receiving their HRCs last week,” she said.

The state had previously estimated that 116,000 HRCs would be issued to UI applicants and 32,000 to PUA applicants.

“In most of the situations where an eligible recipient has not yet received an HRC, the email was not delivered to the address we received,” she said. “Cards that cannot be delivered will be returned by the US Postal Service and the recipient’s account will be marked” undeliverable “.”

But that rarely happens. As of Tuesday, around 1.6% of HRCs had been returned due to incomplete (e.g. missing apartment numbers) or outdated addresses stored in the applicant’s portal at the State Department of Labor.

To make sure the cards go to the correct address, Lau said that if people believe they are eligible but haven’t received a Hawaii Restaurant Card, they can:

>> Check eligibility at myrestaurantcard.hawaii.gov.

>> If you are eligible, call the Money Network toll-free customer service number at 800-352-5202. Report the card as lost or stolen and a call center agent should help you, she said.

“To protect against fraud, Money Network will only update an address if the account has been marked as undeliverable. At that point, authorized individuals must provide an updated address,” she said.

There is no charge for the first replacement card, but each subsequent replacement will cost $ 3 and will be deducted from the card balance.

As of Tuesday, the deadline for issuing the money was December 15, with no extension being announced. After that date, any money left on the card will be returned to the state.

According to the program’s website, hawaiirestaurant card.com, the HRC can be used at restaurants, bakeries, food caterers and fast food establishments in Hawaii that accept the Debit Mastercard and under MCC codes 5462, 5811, 5812 and 5814 process.

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