Man Fieri’s new present celebrates Hawaii’s meals and tradition

There’s nothing Guy Fieri does that the world doesn’t love. From the train ride to Flavortown to raising our blood pressure at Guy’s Grocery Games, we’re always ready to follow Guy wherever he leads us.

It looks like we’re going to Hawaii this time for what may be the biggest show called “Guy: Hawaiian Style”. The Discovery + series, due out August 28, follows Fieri and his family to Maui and Oahu. During the 20-day trip, his wife Lori, sons Hunter and Ryder, and nephew Jules will explore Hawaiian cuisine and culture.

Of course, you’ll immerse yourself in what Hawaii is known for – shave ice, tuna, and roast pork. But they also get adventurous by diving with marine life, deep sea fishing, and trying to surf with some local experts. In the Discovery to People trailer, we get a taste of just how adventurous the show is going to be.

“Are you ready to see Hawaii in a way you’ve never seen before?” Guy yells from the stern of a speeding boat, his hair untouched (how?). “We’re doing off the beaten path, off the beaten path,” he continues, switching to a shot of him and his family walking through a field dressed in camouflage.

The trailer also shows that the series focuses on Hawaiian cultures, traditions and food – “Our celebrations, that’s how we celebrate,” said a guest on the trailer. There are wild whales, swimming spots, lush plants and landscapes, and so much food.

This show is part of a three-year contract Fieri signed with Discovery, so we can’t wait to see what he cooks up next. Until then, check out Guy: Hawaiian Style on Discovery + on August 28th.

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Felicia LaLomia is the Food & Culture Editor for Delish.

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