Off the Information: Hawaii’s economic system continues to be struggling

Experts hoped Hawaii’s economy would have avoided a downturn if emergency relief had expired. But Carl Bonham, executive director of the University of Hawaii’s economic research organization, told a state committee on Monday that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is forcing a recalculation.

Instead, says Bonham, job restoration is only 40% complete. Around 153,000 jobs had been lost by May 2020: Hawaii still has 94,000 job cuts, with underemployment almost a record. To add a note of joy, anyone?

Gerard Puana claims damages

Two years after the convictions of former Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife Katherine, the victim in the case, Gerard Puana (Katherine’s uncle) is still seeking damages in a civil court run by the city and former law enforcement officers.

Only compensation in this tangled police and family misconduct case is overdue for Puana, who filed an initial lawsuit in 2016 alleging he was wrongly arrested, detained and maliciously pursued in two criminal cases. He says the cases were intended to thwart his efforts to get money back that he believed Katherine Kealoha cheated on him and his mother, Florence Puana.

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