Residents are making up for the surge and restrictions of COVID as Hawaii sees spikes in instances

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Some residents hope state and county leaders find a balance between keeping the economy running and keeping families safe as COVID cases are expected to surge in the coming weeks.

“Well, I’m a little worried,” said Melissa from Honolulu. “I think we’re in the middle of this climb and we’re really not sure how to handle it.”

Similarly, from Honolulu, Omar Mirza said, “I got my vaccination so I’m not afraid of it. But overall it is worrying that the number of cases is increasing. “

On Saturday the Kakaako farmers market was open and most of the people were wearing their masks.

In Waikele, meanwhile, people were queuing to get vaccinated. There was also another line for COVID testing wrapped around the corner from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

However, given the alarming number of cases, especially on Oahu, many feel more constraints and even another lockdown is not the answer.

“I think there are many factors we need to consider how it will affect us as families and ohana who live here,” said Melissa. “How it affects our income and our economy that we are so touristy.”

“I think we should leave it where it is,” said Aiea’s John Robles. “I mean, people really enjoy people’s company, it really soothes people’s emotions, and it really comes together.”

“Because it could go back, it could get people into more depression and the like,” added Robles.

“And to see what happened last year, when there was a total failure, would be devastating for the economy,” said Mirza.

Although the governor and mayors did not rule out the reintroduction of COVID restrictions, restrictions on gatherings, travel and schools continue to be discussed.

Many Hawaii News Now residents believed it was up to individuals to make the correct decision to protect the community.

“I think we should do our best to keep people safe, and it’s not just about ourselves and our rights, but also about taking everyone around us into account,” Melissa said.

“We’re mostly safe, a lot of my families are vaccinated,” said Robles. “And yet they will try to take their own precautions at meetings.”

Both Governor David Ige and Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said earlier this week that they do not support restoring a statewide lockdown.

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