The Hawaii Division of Well being publicizes that it’s going to resume the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine quickly

The Hawaii Department of Health announced today that it expects Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine to be resumed soon, but has not yet set a specific date.

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine continues to be a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19,” DOH said in a statement. “Those who do not wish to wait for a Johnson & Johnson vaccine are encouraged to schedule a vaccine appointment for any of the other vaccine products as soon as possible.”

The DOH made the statement after U.S. health officials today lifted an 11-day hiatus regarding the use of J & J’s single-dose shot. Scientific advisors decided that its benefits outweigh the rare risk of blood clots.

Federal health officials eventually decided that J & J’s one-off vaccine was vital in fighting the pandemic, the Associated Press reported, and that the risk of small clots could be treated with warnings to help younger women decide whether they use this or a shot alternative.

The DOH announced that the screening form will be updated for people who elect to have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and emergency clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Once these are updated, the department will resume vaccines.

In mid-April, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration suspended use of the J&J vaccine due to six reported cases of severe blood clots, including one fatality.

Since then, the government has found 15 vaccine recipients who developed a highly unusual type of blood clot in nearly 8 million people after the J&J shot, AP reported. All were women, most of them under 50 years of age. Three died and seven remain in the hospital.

At this point, the DOH reported having received 47,612 doses and administered approximately 17,800 doses of the vaccine, with the remainder being stored.

Vaccine appointments are available in a variety of locations and can be found at

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