The Hawaii Division of Well being warns the general public to not drink uncooked goat milk, which is generally offered in pet shops

The Hawaii Department of Health warns consumers not to drink unpasteurized goat milk, which is sold in many Oahu pet stores.

The department said an embargo on raw milk products – which are not safe for human consumption – is now in place. Pet stores or other retailers with raw milk on their shelves must take the product off sale immediately, health officials said, and destroy or return the product to their supplier.

Failure to do so could result in seizures and fines of up to $ 10,000 per day.

Officials said state law only allowed pasteurized milk and Class A dairy products to be sold to end consumers or restaurants.

“The goat milk is advertised as ‘pet food’, but the sale of any form of liquid raw milk poses a public health risk as it can easily be diverted for human consumption,” said Peter Oshiro, director of food safety, in a press release. “There are many in our community who mistakenly believe that drinking raw milk is healthy, but that is just wrong.”

The Department’s Food Safety Department inspectors visit pet stores and grocery retailers across the state and issue cease and desist statements. On Thursday, officials said there were nearly 20 pet stores on Oahu selling the unpasteurized goat milk product.

The state health ministry said drinking unpasteurized milk was unsafe as it could lead to serious illness, hospitalization and even death.

“Raw milk has the potential to transmit and transmit dangerous pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella and a host of other bacteria that can cause disease,” DOH said in a press release. “It is particularly dangerous for our Keiki, Kupuna or people with weakened immune systems to drink raw milk, as they may not be able to fight off these pathogens like a normal, healthy person. “

In addition, children infected by consuming raw milk can spread diseases fecal-orally and, among other things, cause an outbreak with which they come in contact.

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