The Hawaiian Division of Well being has closed the Pizza in Paradise restaurant in Kahului

Known as Pizza in Paradise, the Kahului restaurant has been closed by the state health department because it was classified as an “imminent health hazard.”

The point of sale at 60 Wakea Ave., Suite 101, was tagged with a red card on Thursday and must remain closed until all violations are resolved and an investigation is passed by the Maui Department’s Food Safety Department.

The food service outlet is operated by Pacific Restaurant Management, LLC.

According to the inspection report, the restaurant has a long history of clutter and other violations. During the last inspection, several risk factors for food-borne diseases were observed including:

>> A large pot of old food on the kitchen floor contained live, moving maggots.

>> Signs of a healthy breeding cockroach population in the kitchen.

>> Flies cover plates that were left in the former dining area.

>> Sinks, countertops and food preparation areas that have not been cleaned for a long time.

>> Opened canned and bottled goods at counters with mold growth.

The owner, according to the department, must hire a professional pest control provider to take control of the bugs and, among other things, clean up the clutter in the restaurant.

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