The Tons of X Blue Hawaii Surf T-Shirt Launch :: Obtainable now

Originally founded in 1984 as a surfboard manufacturer, Blue Hawaii Surf has now grown into a curator of selected surf, skate and streetwear brands. Blue Hawaii Surf’s own house brand is inspired by the local Hawaiian lifestyle with a modern update. With roots deeply rooted in skateboarding culture, Blue Hawaii Surf also has its house brand Eighty Four Skate, which is designed and tested by its skate team. Currently sharing their story, they are taking in Hawaii through their stores on Oahu as well as recently opened stores in Beijing and Guangzhou China.

Because Blue Hawaii Surf consistently gives people priority over the product, we saw them as the perfect complement to The Hundreds, which led us to the The Hundreds X Blue Hawaii Surf “Sandys” t-shirt, which is available at all Blue Hawaii locations on our holidays is available July 4th.

The collaborative shirt, illustrated by Josh Clements, features Hawaii’s Sandy Beach Park, one of the state’s most popular beaches, affectionately known by the locals as “Sandys”. The Hundreds’ Bsilvs developed the concept:

“The Hundreds was always about people, and I wanted to create something that was meant for the Hawaiian locals.” While Sandys is a local favorite, it’s also one of the most dangerous beaches in the area and holds the highest record Neck and back injuries. “If you don’t know the water or are not a strong swimmer, I strongly recommend that you stay in the sand and watch,” says Bsilvs. “Every time we jump into the water, we risk our lives. But we’re just trying to have fun and catch the most beautiful or biggest wave. And when Sandys is big, it’s gnarled. “

The t-shirt shows a typical day at Sandys. Locals bodyboard, body surf, surf, barbecue and enjoy all that Sandy’s has to offer. And with our collaborative shirt with Blue Hawaii Surf we want to take you there. “


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