Trevor Noah from the Each day Present is fascinated by the Hawaiian way of life: “What do you guys do with spam?”

Comedian Trevor Noah is on Oahu preparing for the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena.

The host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” landed in Honolulu on Friday afternoon and wasted no time gathering material for his Saturday night show.

“Who I meet and what stories they tell me, and from there hopefully the show will have enough of local flair and current events at the same time just to spice it up and make it different,” he said. “What’s interesting about Hawaii, even though it’s part of the United States, makes it feel like a whole different place. Culturally there is a different feeling. People have their own mood, their own rhythm. “

Noah says he was closely watching the news from Hawaii, especially while on Hurricane Lane. One thing he could talk about on his show: January’s false missile warning.

“What I love about Hawaii’s news is that really nothing crazy is going on in Hawaii. So when you were scared of rockets it was really interesting because I mean, you went from being the most relaxed place in the world to being the most panicked place for half an hour, ”Noah said.

“What I found really amazing was all the politicians who came out in their Hawaiian shirts and declared it. Just like a very relaxed look for a really stressful situation that clearly shows that Hawaii has no clothes for panic situations. I think we have to work on it. Think the Hawaiian shirt is great for the weather, but if something goes bad we have to find some suits, ”he added.

Noah says he enjoys meeting locals and learning about Hawaii’s unique lifestyle.

“I learned from Hawaii that there are many different ways to live life. I grew up knowing about spam and then I came here and I realized that I was just scratching the surface of spam, ”he said. “So I hope that in my life I will continue to explore this beautiful meat-like substance and take it on the journey that I call life. Because you can nudge in many places. I mean, of course, the best sack is here, but what do you guys do with spam, man? What do you do with spam? “

The show starts at 8 p.m. and Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster.

Prices range from $ 35.50 to $ 95.50.

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