US legal professional for Hawaii Kenji Worth resigns

February 16, 2021 at 8:17 a.m. HST

US attorney Kenji Price. PC:

Hawaii District attorney Kenji M. Price offered President Joe Biden his resignation letter on February 12.

On February 9, acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson ordered most of the presidential-appointed US attorneys, including Price, to file their resignations. These resignations were requested with effect from February 28th.

Price offered to resign effective February 21.

“Serving as the US attorney for the Hawaii District – the district’s chief law enforcement officer in the district – is a privilege I will cherish forever,” Price stated in a press release this morning, February 16, in a press release to Professional Employees and Contractors in Mine Offices do an excellent job every day enforcing the law and defending United States interests in civil litigation. “

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Price said his office ran (and conducts) its affairs with the courage, character, and professionalism that exemplify the best traditions of the U.S. Department of Justice.


“I really stand on the shoulders of the giants and look forward to hearing about the fantastic work my office will do over the coming months and years, hand in hand with our state and local partners and the broader law enforcement community of the federal community” Price added.

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