Whereas COVID pressured companies on-line, the governor is working to gas Hawaii’s digital economic system

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – As the pandemic forced Hawaii to adopt a digital economy much faster than expected, Governor David Ige admitted Wednesday that the transition was not perfect.

During an event focused on investing in the state’s digital economy, Ige cited the Safe Travels program as a successful program that enabled millions of travelers to bypass quarantine by uploading a negative COVID test.

“I’m really proud of the state’s response to COVID. It was nowhere near perfect, but we’ve embraced digital solutions faster than we’ve ever seen here in the state of Hawaii, ”said Ige.

The governor added that the backlog in unemployment benefits has also forced the Department of Labor to adopt new technology to improve services.

“We have to accelerate acceptance because we have seen time and time again that you are not in the digital economy if you are not in the digital economy,” he said.

At the event, sponsored by the TRUE Initiative, the governor and business leaders worked to outline a path to a digital economy – including helping local organizations adopt technology and helping the Hawaiian workforce meet the growing demand for digital services .

In order to drive the transition to a digital economy, the state is upgrading many of its computer systems in the education and transport departments, according to Ige.

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