With the circumstances ranging from the Delta variant, docs are urging Hawaiian residents to return to the fundamentals of mask-wearing

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – As cases increase in Hawaii due to the contagious Delta variant, doctors are urging people to wear customized masks and use them properly.

Dr. Jason Ching is a children’s dentist at Aiden Health and says parents are concerned about how to keep their children safe.

“We see all different types of masks, cloth masks, kids masks, N95, KN95,” he said.

From the strongest to the least filtering, it starts with N95 masks used in medical facilities, followed by KN95 and KF94 masks, then surgical masks followed by cloth masks.

Ching says that every face is different, so it is important that the mask fits perfectly.

“I tell them it’s your choice. There are different levels of protection. We’re not in every household and with children, they have to be comfortable, ”said Ching.

He says that even the same mask model may not fit as well depending on the person.

He says a standard surgical mask comes in handy in most situations.

“These are really good and protective, a little less protective than the KN95, but they have a nice elastic seal here and no gaps. For me this is more practical for children or young people than a KN95, ”he said.

Medical experts say you can also see if sunlight is shining through the mask. If you see holes in the fabric, this is a less effective mask.

“The best type of mask is the one you are going to use,” said Dr. Darragh O’Carroll, ambulance.

He suggests wearing an N95 or KN95 mask for areas with poor ventilation and closed windows, bars, restaurants, large gatherings, and travel.

“If you can handle the N95, I would use that if you’re only there for 30 minutes to an hour. The next step would be KN95. This is actually what I use when I travel or go anywhere, ”said O’Carroll.

Experts say neck gaiters don’t offer much filtering unless you start layering them. They also say you can double the mask to get more layers.

As for these valved masks, O’Carroll says they protect you but not those around you, and a mask is definitely ineffective.

“They’re made of plastic that covers itself and lets the air out completely. It’s not helping anyone or yourself, ”he said.

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